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About Us

The Rightside Up Story

Rightside Up apparel was created out of the promise that life is a journey.  We all have a life story, and it doesn't matter where we've been. It's where we are going that counts! We all have the power to choose the self-righting attributes of forgiveness, hope, love and faith that enable us to live Rightside Up. 

Rightside Up apparel is meant to serve as a reminder to you, the wearer, that every day you have the power to live life the best that you can and make positive life choices. Through our "R" branding and "BSITL" touchpoint, the message is subtle, yet powerful: Be Strong In The Lord and Live Life Rightside Up. In the end, it's all about you and what is important to you. The apparel becomes a vehicle to remind you that you have the power to be your best YOU. Enjoy wearing Rightside Up apparel and enjoy living life the best that you can, Rightside Up! Join the Rightside Up positive lifestyle community. 


BSITL - Be Strong In The Lord

BSITL (bis'-tl) is an acronym for “Be strong I the Lord”. This small BSITL touchpoint tag is permanently attached to every article of our clothing. As a touchpoint, it serves as a constant reminder that you have the power to make positive choices in your life, to live life Rightside Up, and that you are not alone. It is also the marker to scan when you open our exclusive Rightside Up Apparel app on your phone.


We did it! We developed a unique way to give you, our customers, a positive and inspirational message. Our exclusive Rightside Up Apparel App is free to download to your cell phone from either the App Store or Google Play. When you open the App on your cell phone, it accesses your phone’s camera so you can scan our BSITL tag that is permanently attached to all our clothing. It is easy for everyone to use, and you can use it anytime, anywhere with internet connection. You receive a positive and motivating video message on your cell phone screen, and the videos change often to keep the messages fresh and relevant. At a time when lives could use more positivity, Rightside Up Apparel has a unique way to deliver it. Our apparel has a voice with messages worth listening to!


Be Strong In The Lord and Live Life Rightside Up!  

Live Life Rightside Up!

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